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Aris Name Meaning, About Romanian Boy Name Aris

Is your name Aris? View the Meaning, Numerology & Details of Romanian Boy Name Aris


Name Aris
Meaning Originating from Adria (near Venice) or dull black / dark or male / Dapper
Gender Boy
Numerology 2

Aris is romanian Boy name and meaning of this name is "Originating from Adria (near Venice) or dull black / dark or male / Dapper".

Based on numerology value 2, Aris is Cooperative, Sensitive, Adaptive, Passive, Diplomatic, Peaceful, Warm, excellent partner, kind, balance, friendly, tactful and diplomatic.Below is some points about the name Aris based on numerology value -

Qualities Diplomatic, Sensitive
Lucky Color Green, Cream
Ruling Planet Moon
Lucky Number 2

Each Letter Analysis of Name "Aris "

in every name, each letters have specific meanings that describe the nature of the name.Below in table, each letter of name Aris described.

Letters Description
A You are your own person, natural leader, ambitious and freethinking.
R You feel things strongly and your rich, intense inner life emanates outward. You also have an excellent work ethic and can do your job with high amounts of energy.
I You are a compassionate person who feels things deeply. It makes sense, then, that you are also artsy and creative, with a great eye for everything from fashion to composition.
S You are a real charmer. With a sense of warmth and devotion, you also feel things deeply. this can lead to overly dramatic reactions and an intense inner life.

Numerology Calculation Method of Name "Aris "

Alphabet Subtotal of Alphabet Position.
(ex: U = 21 = 2+1 = 3 )
A 1
R 9
I 9
S 1
Total 20
SubTotal of 20 2
Calculated Numerology2

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